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Perplex City Season 1 Card List

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 001Dem Old Bones
 002Designer Flakes (8 ♠)
 003Earth, Sea and Moon (7 ♣)
 004Zoo Zanyism
 005Out On A Limb (7 ♥)
 006Winning Lines
 007Aromarama (6 ♣)
 008Mind Candy
 010Spot Anything?
 011Revelation (Q ♣)
 013Sphinx (8 ♦)
 014Cracked Crackers
 017Easy As... (A ♠)
 018Natal Name
 019Magic Numbers (J ♣)
 021Divide By Three
 022Cold Fission
 023Pack 'O' Stars (K ♠)
 024Double Vision
 025Read Between The Lines
 026Paint Factory Explosion
 027Bar None
 029Beware the Puzzle Monsters (7 ♦)
 030End of the Line
 031St Ives (7 ♠)
 032Cow Cow Cow Cow Cow


 037Muscae Volitantes (6 ♦)
 0394 Colour Theorem
 040Baby on Board
 041Whipsmart Wordsearch (9 ♦)
 042Pirates vs Ninjas
 043Use Your Anterior Cingulate (J ♠)
 044You Are Here
 045Snake Eyes
 046Sum Shortcut
 047Opposites Attract (9 ♣)
 048Pop Words
 050Eight States
 052The View From Here
 053Etaoin Schrdlu (K ♦)
 0549 Ball
 055Speed Sight
 058Breaking and Entering
 059Urban Myths (Q ♠)
 061Ticket To Ride (5 ♣)
 062Sweet Child O' Mine
 063The Next Generation
 064Hollywood Stars


 065Going Underground
 066Lost in Mockba
 067Popcorn (6 ♥)
 068Picto Dot
 071Discovery (6 ♠)
 072Yippie Ka Ye
 073Animal Magic (8 ♥)
 075Poison Pill
 076Close Up
 078Edible Love
 079Strange Loops (10 ♣)
 080Cruel And Unusual
 081What Car?
 082Sharp Red
 083Pawnbroking (A ♦)
 085Sweet Dreams
 086A Pair of Squares
 087Bar Crossing
 089Forever Foe (8 ♣)
 090Also Known As
 091Twisty Little Passages
 092Dudeney's Medallion
 093Crossed Wires
 094Prime Rhyme Crime
 095Lazy Susan
 096Castle in the Sky


 097419 SCAM (5 ♦)
 098Magic Square
 099Well Red Ad
 100It's All Greek To Me
 101Petals Around The Rose (5 ♠)
 103Sudoku (4 ♣)
 104Hit and Miss
 105Arrange My Lace Bits
 106Rickety Old Bridge
 107Blockword (J ♦)
 108My Three Children
 109Infinite Series (9 ♥)
 110Freudian Texts
 111Opening Lines
 112Three Little Words
 113A Capital Idea (K ♣)
 114Taking The Biscuit
 115The Age Of Sente
 116The Rice Gambit
 117Band Name Etymology
 118Chemistry Experiment
 119Mind The Gap
 120Cube Tube
 121Seven Bridges
 122Interesting Times
 124Dream Ticket
 125Karma Chameleon
 127Card House (5 ♥)
 128Perplexing Portraits


 129Dot Gone
 131Detail (4 ♦)
 132Ales of the Earth
 133Don't Play With Your Food
 134Four Friends Acting Up
 136Bling Bunny
 137Sub Rosa (Q ♦)
 138Geek Antiques
 139This Sentence Is False (9 ♠)
 140Mornington Crescent
 141Love Code
 143Pocket Rockets
 145The Red Ace
 146You Are Cordially Invited
 148Serious Scientific Sokoban
 149Complex Basic (Q ♥)
 150A Journey In The Desert
 151Crazy Talk (A ♥)
 152Barcode Recipe
 153The Spider And The Fly
 154Intoxicating Silk
 155Sadako Sasaki
 156Going Dotty
 157International Superhits (3 ♦)
 159Handbags and Gladrags


 161Dances With Bees
 162Loopy Pixels
 163Domino Dilemma (4 ♥)
 164Weighs and Means
 165Rolling Around
 167Circular (4 ♠)
 168100% Acrylic
 169Queen Quandary
 171Witch Script
 173The 14-15 Puzzle (K ♥)
 174Jaunty Paul
 176The Lake
 177Consider A Spherical World
 178Sex Linked
 179By Another Name (10 ♥)
 181Down, A, B, Up, Up, Right (10 ♦)
 183Drinking Gourd
 184Love Letters
 185Spin Cycle
 186Between Two Trees
 187Logical Fallacies
 190Some Assembly Required
 191My Dear Watson (3 ♠)


 193Three Thousand Words (3 ♣)
 194Confounding Cube
 195Road Trip
 197Linguini Junction (3 ♥)
 199Three (2 ♣)
 200A Dream of Babel
 201Smoke and Mirrors
 202Mother Tongue
 205Whipsmart Hot Fudge
 206Mexid Massege
 207Huey Teocalli
 208Freak Word
 209Little Pigley Farm
 210New Notation
 211Molecular (A ♣)
 212Whipsmart Birthday
 213We Be Rational Pirates! Arrr!
 216Formal Logic
 217Tower of Cubes
 218The World
 219The Master of Secrets
 223Secret Location (Joker)
 224Once Upon A Time


 227NAND (2 ♦)
 229Ball Night (2 ♥)
 230Eternally Grateful
 231Cast Adrift 2
 232Water Music
 233The Earth's Destiny (2 ♠)
 234Mosaically Challenged
 237Roaming Identity
 239Persian (Joker)
 241T-L-P (10 ♠)
 242Ciphers Of History
 244Syzygy Cube
 246Homage In Glass
 248Differently Lethal
 249The Angel's Key
 251The Thirteenth Labour (J ♥)
 252C. 237.85, F. 460.13,
 255Clinical Explanation
 256Billion To One


 257The Cube
 Back of card is unknown
 Generic information on back of card
 Map on back of card
 Large partial letters on front of card
 Suits (hex, circle, star, maze, pixel)
 Errata exists for card

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