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#148:Serious Scientific Sokoban

Season:  1
Number:  148
Wave:  2
Color:  blue
Suit:  star suit
Corner:  bottom right corner
Card's Points:  37
Card Group's Points:  148
Reverse:  map reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
On week three of the hit Perplex CIty reality TV show, 'The Lab", Evan ordered a new fume hood after the other labmates threatened to throw him out because of his atrociously smelly experiments. The producers of the show used this opportunity to set Evan a puzzle and left him the crate containing the fume hood in a storage room full of unmovable obstacles. Evan has to enter from the south of the room and leave with the crate by the same door. If he can only push the crate from behind (He can't quite manage to pull it), what is the shortes sequence of lettered checkpoints that the crate must pass over on its way out?

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