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#021:Divide By Three

Season:  1
Number:  021
Wave:  2
Color:  red
Suit:  maze suit
Corner:  top left corner
Card's Points:  6
Card Group's Points:  24
Reverse:  generic reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
I was in a pretty dire situation last week
- it was about 4am, only Justin and Tone were still
awake, and the party was well and truly winding down.
Even worse, all the drink had run out. The only stuff
we could find was in a room where someone had poured
7 full glasses of wine, and 7 half glasses. Justin was
just about to pour them into each other so we could split
them three ways when I stopped him.

"Justin," I said aghast, "what the hell are you doing?
That's vintage Harbin wine there, you can't mix them,
it'd ruin the taste!" "So what should we do then, puzzle
boy?" challenged Tone, equally aghast. I ignored him
and continued, "Look guys, there's an easy
way of splitting these 14 glasses three
ways without any pouring. Let me show

How did I do it?

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