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#229:Ball Night

Season:  1
Number:  229
Wave:  3
Color:  silver
Suit:  flames suit
Corner:  top left corner
Card's Points:  58
Card Group's Points:  232
Reverse:  map reverse
Playing Card:  2 ♥
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
The same night the Receda Cube was stolen, the annual Academy Ball was held. During the ball, each of the five events occurred in a different place, featured its own speaker, took a different amount of time, and was sponsored by a different Senior Fellow. Can you decipher everything that happened that night, and in which order?

1. The art and social sciences senior fellows sponsored the last two events.
2. Sente gave the welcoming words personally in Carrick Hall.
3. The fireworks were not the third event.
4. Prof. Wildwood did not sponsor the event where Sente spoke.
5. The first event was longer than the second.
6. Prof. Adamek left during the event in the Noi Ballroom.
7. The fireworks took a quarter of the time as the event where Camryn Scott spoke.
8. The second event was in Kermeen Hall.
9. Aiko Entrescore was careful to thank Prof. Ekeba when she spoke.
10. The outdoor event was the shortest.
11. The event in the Museum took three times as long as the shortest event, and twice as long as the second-shortest.
12. The senior fellow of cryptography was jealous that the second event took ten minutes less than Sedgewick's did.
13. Anna Heath gave a quick few words for the 20-minute event, then hurried home before the dancing.
14. Robert Zhi-Hui arrived to speak at the awards too late for cocktails, but did stay for the art exhibit.

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