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#108:My Three Children

Season:  1
Number:  108
Wave:  2
Color:  green
Suit:  hex suit
Corner:  bottom right corner
Card's Points:  27
Card Group's Points:  108
Reverse:  map reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
During one of the weekly tutorials I give in Basic Puzzle Design, one of my students
arrived early and we started chatting about my kids. "I think you mentioned you had
three children, how old are they now?" she asked. Sensing the opportunity to give a bit
of extra tuition here, I replied, "The product of their ages is 36. Oh, and the sum of
their ages is this room number."

She glanced up at the door, mulled this over for a while and eventually said, "I still can't
work it out with that." "You're absolutely right. Did I mention that my youngest daughter
has blue eyes?" I said helpfully. And with that, she worked it out. Can you figure out
how old my children are? Her youngest child has blue eyes.

Grand Frederik's Station

Grand Frederik's Station is the new
central hub for rail and subway
transportation in Perplex City. From the
air, the station has a wasp-like shape with
a black climate-controlled semipermeable
roof and two transparent retractable
wings for shelter against weather.

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