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#209:Little Pigley Farm

Season:  1
Number:  209
Wave:  2
Color:  black
Suit:  star suit
Corner:  top left corner
Card's Points:  53
Card Group's Points:  212
Reverse:  map reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
We're all familiar with crossword puzzles, but good cross-number
puzzles are more difficult to come by. This one has been adapted
from the famous Little Pigley Farm puzzle, created by W. T.
Williams and G. H. Savage.

You might like to know that 1 mile is 1760 yards, 1 rood is 1210
square yards, there are 20 shillings in 1 and the year is 1939.
The land on which the rectangular farm stands is called Dog's
Mead. Completing the puzzle will reveal the ultimate secret of
Mrs Grooby's age (Farmer Dunk's mother-in-law).


1. Value of dog's mead in shillings per rood.
2. Square of mrs grooby's age.
3. Age of mary, farmer dunk's daughter.
4. Value of dog's mead in pounds.
6. Current age of ted, son of farmer dunk, who in 1945 will be twice as old as his sister mary.
7. Square of the width of dog's mead, in yards.
8. Number of minutes in which farmer dunk walks 11/3 times around dog's mead.
9. 10 Across divided by 10 down.
10. See 9 down.
12. Sum of the digits of 10 vertical plus 1.
13. Number of years that dog's mead has been owned by the dunk family.


1. Area of dog's mead in square yards.
5. Age of martha, the aunt of farmer dunk.
6. Difference between the length and breadth of dog's mead in yards.
7. Number of roods in dog's mead multiplied by 8 vertical.
8. Year in which the dunk family became owner of dog's mead.
10. Age of farmer dunk.
11. Year in which mary was born.
14. Perimiter of dog's mead (in yards).
15. The cube of farmer dunk's walking speed in miles per hour.
16. 15 Across minus 9 down. 8 down should be "Number of minutes in which Farmer Dunk walks 1 and a 1/3 times around Dog's Mead."

9 down should be "10 down divided by 10 across".

Hausam Amphitheatre

The Hausam Amphitheatre is a
central part of Polygon Park and
often hosts several performances a
week in summer and spring. Seating
is available for over 8000. A petition
to add heating and an ultralight-
weight dome (similar to that used at
the Triple Wheel Stadium) for
protection against the weather was
started in 266 but narrowly defeated
by the Preservationists.

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