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#116:The Rice Gambit

Season:  1
Number:  116
Wave:  2
Color:  green
Suit:  star suit
Corner:  bottom right corner
Card's Points:  29
Card Group's Points:  116
Reverse:  map reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
According to legend, the game of
chess was invented hundreds of years
ago by the Grand Vizier Sissa Ben
Dahir, for King Shirham of India.
King Shirham was so delighted with
the new game that he offered his
Grand Vizier any reward he wished

"Majesty, I desire but one grain of
rice on the first square, two grains
on the second, four on the third,
eight on the fourth and so on, until
every square on the board is

"Is that all you wish, Sissa, you
fool?" exclaimed the astonished

But Sissa's request was far from
foolish. How many grains of rice
had Sissa asked for?

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