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#046:Sum Shortcut

Season:  1
Number:  046
Wave:  1
Color:  orange
Suit:  circle suit
Corner:  top right corner
Card's Points:  12
Card Group's Points:  48
Reverse:  generic reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
Fredrich Gauss was a legendary German mathematician, astronomer
and physicist. His contributions to science have been so great that
he is sometimes reffered to as the 'Prince of Mathematics'.

Even from an early age his talent was evident. His father guessed he had a child prodigy on his hands when at the tender age of three his
son spotted an error while he was calculating his payroll.

Gauss junior was also making similar waves at school. His class was
particularly rowdy and one afternoon his exasperated teacher set
them all a problem to try and keep them quiet for as long as possible.
The task was to add up all the numbers between 1 and 100. Most of
the children had barely put chalk to slate when the five-year-old
Gauss announced he had the soloution. What answer did Guass give
to his starled teacher?

Now. before you plough headlong into this problem and spend ages
summing the numbers one by one, is there an easier way to tackle this problem? You never know when such a shortcut might come in handy.

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