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#249:The Angel's Key

Season:  1
Number:  249
Wave:  2
Color:  silver
Suit:  pixel suit
Corner:  top left corner
Card's Points:  63
Card Group's Points:  252
Reverse:  map reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
I came at last to the Convent of the San Miguelino de los Mercados, where I rested for several days. When I was well enough to tour the grounds, the Mother Superior, a woman of stern and forbidding dispostiion,offered to show me their greatest treasure: a mural of unknown age which, she said, gave directions to find a hidden set of keys.

Holding a flickering lamp above her head, she led me through the cellars of the Convent, until we came at last to a large, high-ceilinged room, one of whose walls was entirely covered by a painting in the medieval style. In the centre was a figure of an angel - a tall, winged form in white. His hands were extended, holding out an open book. Across the pages lay a silver key. At the angel's feet sat three animals: a bull, an eagle and a lion, each seemingly at rest.

The holy woman raised her lamp higher and I saw that, above the heads of the angel and animals, another scene was painted; a map of stars. I recognized the two constellations facing each other: the herdsman and the hunter. In each constellation, one star was different from the others: painted red. Stranger still, was the small figure, set between the two constellations, of a horse leaping through a ring of fire. The entire scene; the angel, the animals, the constellations, the horse, seemed to have some significance, but I was at a loss to comprehend it.

"Do you recognize the stars?" she asked.
I looked harder, trying to recall the instruction given me by the Astronomer Royal.
"that one, there, in the herdsman, is that Arcturus?"
She nodded.
"And the other... in Orion... ah! That's Rigel."
"Good. Do you understand now?"
"But how, I mean what, I mean..."
"The horse," she said, "the flaming steed. You have an excellent education, they tell me. Think hard, my child. You will find you know the answer. And when you know it, tell me what the keys you find will open."

I am afraid that, even in the meditative atmosphere of San Miguelino, the problem took several more days to work through. When, finally, I was able to tell the Mother Superior that I had found the keys she had spoken of, that I knew what they would open, she seemed pleased but not surprised. Many had found them before me, many would find them in the future.

I remained with the excellent women of San Miguelino de los Mercados for several weeks, before continuing my journey further south...

Taversen Square
The central square in the Old Town and bordering on the Academy, Taversen Square is a reminder of the past glories of Perplex City. Named after one of the founders of the modern Academy, Taversen Square is the main location for celebrations and Academy events in the city.

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