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Season:  1
Number:  033
Wave:  3
Color:  orange
Suit:  ivy suit
Corner:  top left corner
Card's Points:  9
Card Group's Points:  36
Reverse:  generic reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
The Click is one of the most
well-known clubs in
Perplex City, and it's where
Roll for Damage famously
played their first gig. I was
there last week while
Caine's band were doing a
set, when I came up with
this puzzle for Violet.

I bet her that she wouldn't
be able to solve it before
Caine finished his guitar
solo. I lost. Then again,
you could've played entire
concerts in the time it
took him to finish...

Can you make this
arrow point in the
opposite direction by
only moving three

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