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#183:Drinking Gourd

Season:  1
Number:  183
Wave:  2
Color:  purple
Suit:  maze suit
Corner:  bottom left corner
Card's Points:  46
Card Group's Points:  184
Reverse:  map reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
After a successful voyage captaining your
ship across the Atlantic, your backstabbing
crew mutinies and decides to turn pirate!
Before they throw you off, you manage to grab
your prized sextant and a map (it's only
afterwards that you realise some gold and a
sword might have been a better idea).

All you know is that you're somewhere
on the east coast of America. Using
your sextant you take a few readings
from the stars, but can you figure out
where they left you, so you know the
way home back to Boston?

Polygon Park Part 3

With dozens of miles of trails and
paths, Polygon Park is the running hub
of Perplex City. The Polygon Park
Runner\'s Club has several thousand
members and meets three times a day
at the northeast corner.

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