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#223:Secret Location

Season:  1
Number:  223
Wave:  4
Color:  black
Suit:  water suit
Corner:  bottom left corner
Card's Points:  56
Card Group's Points:  224
Reverse:  map reverse
Playing Card:  Joker
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
"In each of these books, a character discovers a hidden location. Can you name the books and their authors?"

1) A professor of religious symbology at Harvard University is called in to solve a murder of the curatorof a Paris museum. The quest leads him to discover the truth behind the story of the Holy Grail.

2) The heroine of this book, a little girl, dreams of being able to bring together all the people she loves under one roof. On the day of her brother's birthday picnic, she and her friends find their way to a little home she has dreamed of, travelling by dogcart, landau, victoria, govern-ess cart and, shockingly, motor car.

3) A sailor, imprisoned for many years for a crime he did not commit, befriends an old clergyman who teaches him history, science,languages, and philosophy. The clergyman, knowing he is close to death confides in the sailor the location of a hidden treasure.

4) Travelling far and wide in search of a floating land, a prince encouters exciting adventures and interesting people. They include two rich and wicked princes, the prettiest girl in the world, and a tortoise with an unusual facial feature.

5) After enchanting a broom with a flower, Mary flies to a college for witches. She discovers that the experiments taking place there are sinis-ter and horrifying. The author reccomends the Helibroom for readers who might wish to undertake such a journey themselves.

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