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#213:We Be Rational Pirates! Arrr!

Season:  1
Number:  213
Wave:  2
Color:  black
Suit:  maze suit
Corner:  top left corner
Card's Points:  54
Card Group's Points:  216
Reverse:  map reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
'Tis said by landlubbers that there were once five scurvy pirate
dogs, stranded on an island. They'd a rich bounty o' 100 gold
doubloons, and vowed to split the plunder according t' pirate
custom. That custom tells us that first, the oldest, scurviest pirate
gets to propose a spilt between all five o' them, and then all five
take a vote (pirates bein' highly civilized and democratic-like in
private). If least half o' them vote 'Aye' for the spilt - even if t'
other half vote 'Nay' - it goes ahead. But if over half vote 'Nay',
well, the pirate dog who proposed the spilt has 'is gizzard slit, and
then the next oldest pirate gets to have a try with the othe three,
and so on.

THE QUESTION IS... hearties, if you were that oldest,
scurviest pirate o' the five of them, the first
to propose the split, what would ye propose
so that ye'd get the most money possible,
and also get t' live? What would ye give yeself,
and what would ye give to each o' the other
pirates? (dogs that they are, ye can give 'em
all different amounts - even nothing!) Arrr!

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