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#087:Bar Crossing

Season:  1
Number:  087
Wave:  1
Color:  yellow
Suit:  maze suit
Corner:  bottom left corner
Card's Points:  22
Card Group's Points:  88
Reverse:  map reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
It was getting late and there
were three of us left in the bar
after one of the Academy
summer parties. The staff were
closing the section of the bar
we were in and requesting that
we moved to a table in an
adjacent room.

As the most sober member of the trio it fell to me
to organise the logistics of the table switch. I had
a problem though. I couldn't leave Tippy alone
with her cocktail since she had to give a lecture
the next morning on game theory and she'd already
had one Cosmopolitan too many. I didn't dare
leave the senior fellow in the company of Tippy
without my steadying influence for fear that he
might try and steal a kiss from her.

I can only take one of them at a time to the other
table (Senior Fellow, Tippy or cocktail).

How do I make the transfer without leaving
the Senior Fellow alone with Tippy or Tippy
alone with the cocktail?

The Mobius Area

Technically, the Mobius Strip is only part of the greater Mobius Area which was redeveloped by the MDC in the late 250s. However, the strip has become synomonous with the area and any attempts to get people to use the correct term are usually fruitless. After a long period of depression, the Mobius Area now has a high proportion of youg residents living in new housing with many restaurants, clubs and bars following as a result.

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