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How To Use
There are several ways to use the card catalog:
  1. Select a card from season 1 or season 2's list.
  2. UPDATED! For quick access to a specific card number or name from any web page, just drag the following "bookmarklet" link into your browser's bookmark bar: Card Catalog When you click on the toolbar link, a window will pop up asking you what card number or title you would like to jump to. (You don't have to type the whole title, just enough to match.)
  3. Jump straight to the interactive map of Perplex City, pieced together from card backs.
  4. Contribute a card or card back you do not see listed below.
  5. Subscribe to the feed.
  6. Download a comma-delimited data file of basic card information.
  7. Download a Java properties file of basic card information.

Recent News

2007-04-09: Season Two is much improved! The site and database have been tweaked to better keep track of season 2. Colors, suits, points, and everything should be working. I'm still debating whether to group/classifiy the card backs or to just keep them all one-offs. Be sure to check the wanted list to see what we're currently missing.

2007-02-18: Season Two is open for business. There are still a few bugs to shake out--mainly the suits (and colors? and corners?) aren't the same in the new season.

2006-08-28: Say hello to the new search box. It's all AJAX-ified so that your search results should appear inline without a whole new page load. Obviously JavaScript is required.

2006-08-04: Check out the new wanted list. This shows all of the data currently missing from the catalog. Use one of the "contribute" links next to a card to help contribute the missing data.

2006-08-03: Enhancements: the map has once again been reinstated. An issue with the playing card symbols not showing up in some places has been resolved. Added "Joker" to the available playing card symbols.

Season One
Season One
Season Two
Season Two
Map Grid
Map Grid
also available as a huge image,
split into 3 strips (1360x3840, 7MB each):
1, 2, and 3

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