Perplex City Card Catalog

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you cataloging all of the cards?

A: Why not? It seemed like a good idea. Yes, it is possible that when the cards are officially released, there will be a sheet listing all of the possible cards, but I rather like the interactivity of the site--pictures, thumbnails, links to discussions, etc.

Q: Isn't what you are doing copyright infringement?

A: To the best of my knowledge, and I am no lawyer, no--the site is not infringing copyright. Mind Candy Design's statement and IP clause make it clear that only full-card 60dpi scans are allowed. Given the physical card dimensions, this is about 240 pixels by 360 pixels. Any uploaded card will be automatically resized by the system down to that resolution. Detail scans are not accepted, but detail images that are not scans are certainly welcome. For instance, if you draw a key piece of the puzzle in Visio, OmniGraffle, or even with a pencil and tracing paper. We are not here to help forgers and counterfeiters, but as a player resource to help you out.

Q: I am a lawyer for Mind Candy and you must take down or change this site.

A: First, that was not a question. Second, drop me a line at <>. I am quite flexible and do not want to make anyone upset. Let me know what I can do to better comply with whatever copyright terms you have in place.

Q: There are only prototype cards out now. How do you know how many cards there will be and what colors they are? You indicate there are 256 cards, but I think there will be 333.

A: The short answer is: I don't know. The longer answer is that the site is data-driven and flexible. The current mapping of number to color is based on some Unfiction speculation. Right now, the site has been programmed to believe that card #041 is orange, but it could just as easily be a different color or even a subset of orange (hex, pixels, moons, clovers, diamonds, etc.) As more information becomes available, the site will adapt.

Q: Why do I have to wait for my upload to appear? Why can't I just upload my card images directly?

A: In short: goatse. The longer answer is that we have no idea what you will be uploading. Is it the correct card? Is it a gross picture? Is it spam of some sort? A design decision was made early on to use editors to moderate the site content.

Q: Are you in league with Unfiction? Do you work for them? Why are all of your offsite links to various Unfiction discussion forums?

A: I have an account on Unfiction and live in the same town as the guy who runs it (and had a few beers with him--he's quite cool), but I have no official connection to anything Unfiction related. I just happen to really like the site and the people who comprise its community.

Q: Why don't you set up your own forums and have one topic for each card instead of cluttering up the Unfiction forums?

A: I am not interested in splintering off and forming a whole new community, I simply want to augment the existing one. Additionally, I am not sure how much server load and bandwidth this site will end up using. Forums tend to eat up a lot of a server's CPU power. I would rather focus on a few things and leave the forum running to the experts. Besides, wouldn't it suck to have to log into two different forums?

Q: I have a question that was not listed above.

A: That wasn't a question. Send me an email with your question.

 -Brian <>