Perplex City Card Catalog
Our Goals
  • Build site to give you a good overview of the cards and puzzles contained therein.
  • Printable checklists to help you determine what cards you have/need
  • Provide basic images of cards and puzzles, keeping within the realm of copyright and fair use.
  • Provide a place for individuals to contribute card information and data.
  • Provide links to Unfiction discussions about individual cards
Our Anti-Goals
  • Provide "the answer" to each card. If you want to cheat, do your own research and click through to the card discussions.
  • Provide high-res, easy-to-duplicate images of cards.
  • Provide a marketplace to buy/sell/trade cards.
The site is constantly evolving. The above stated goals and non-goals may change at any time. We would love to hear any feedback you may have. Currently, we are not soliciting for adminstrative help.

 -Brian <>