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Season:  2
Number:  233
Wave:  1
Color:  silver
Suit:  crosses suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  1380
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
The fractal maze has infinite identical copies of itself
embedded within it, which can be entered. Begin at the
minus and make your way to the plus. When you
enter a smaller copy of the maze, record the letter
name of the copy as you will have to leave this copy
on your way out. You must exit out of each nested
copy of the maze that you have entered into, leaving
in the reverse order that you entered them in. If
there is no exit path leaving the nested copy, you have
hit a dead end.

And it came to pass in the evening of his life that Gyvann called those he loved to him. And to each of this sons and his daughters he gave a blessing saying: You shall be strong and mighty in battle, yet must you learn peace. You shall be great in wisdom, yet must you learn humility. You shall be rich in men's esteem, yet must you learn compassion. You shall be filled with the spirit of holiness, yet must you learn love.
And he said to them: think not, fruit of my loins, that your birth makes you great. For does not the Cube have no parent, nor ancestry? Yet is it not greater than all the rest?
And they called in the close companions who had gathered in the courtyard and on the roads and in the fields.
And he said to them: remember me not. It is not I, but the Cube. I have done nothing which you may not learn to do yourselves, I have taught no wisdom which the Cube will not give to any who asks.
And they wept and called him teacher and guide.
And he said to them: bury me not in some vaunted place, but among the people, that my grave may be forgotten. But remember the Cube.
And he said unto his wife Durisa the Machianite: we shall meet again, in the Cube.
And he died.
And the people wept and mourned, and they did according to his words and hence his grave is not known.

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