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#232:Gel Together

Season:  2
Number:  232
Wave:  1
Color:  silver
Suit:  dice suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  1370
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
16A| |3MC
ABH| |

From the correspondence of Gwynneth Hughes, Councillor, sealed under the 150-year-rule until 203AC

Goodwin -

I must impress upon you the urgency of bringing the Academy more firmly under our control. They go about, those people, like black beetles with their overcoats and stooped frames, thinking themselves lords of all they survey. I tell you they are no better than any book-scribbler at whom we poked fun when we were children! We are still rebuilding, still learning to feed and house ourselevs as we did easily a scant half-century ago. I will not allow the public monies to be diverted into their useless exercises of attempting to split monads into particles, or whatever fool nonsense now possesses them.

I tell you, Goodwin, it is not mere prejudice that lends me this opinion. I was present when one of that monstrous regiment of scholars murdered a child. I did not witness the murder, of course, but I am sure that it occurred. I was a mere child myself, in the Academy on a schoolboy outing. One of the Academicians promised to show my play-fellow some "magic", but I, hiding behind a door for fear of him, heard him beckon to one of his colleagues and say that he had found the ideal "subject" for their tests, for they needed a child and they had found an orphan one. That child disappeared and was never found, Goodwin, obscured as surely as if in a blizzard of snow. That is what their scholarly pursuits amount to.

Ah, but you will say it is but one of my fancies. I tell you that it is not. In either case, it is for you to tell the Academy no! They cannot have their money!

Yrs affec,

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