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#229:A Piece of History

Season:  2
Number:  229
Wave:  1
Color:  silver
Suit:  dice suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  1370
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
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3 July 127AC

My dear Mrs Woodcraft,

It was with much interest that I received your letter, and am glad to help in your biographical enterprise. As it happens, the letter from Dr Ashberry to my grandfather is still preserved in the family papers and I have copied it out and enclose it herewith. You will see that Dr Ashberry's writing style was charming, and he was even able to present my grandfather with one or two pieces of family history of which even he was not aware. I trust this will prove useful to your general project.

As to the reply, there is not a great deal I can add to the letter you already possess. My grandfather told us the story of the strange events in the Academy on several occasions, each time puzzling over their meaning and wondering what had become of the boy Kit. As he confided to Dr Ashberry, when the boys went exploring further from the Fellows' Garden he followed Kit through a side door which led to a set of corridors which Kit did not know. There they encountered the beak-nosed Academician he describes so vividly in his letter, and there Kit told the lie which evidently brought so much woe upon him. When asked by the Academician who their parents were Kit, not wanting to bring trouble upon his father, said that he had none, that he was an orphan. Whatever befell the child at the hands of this man, I think we can be assured that, had it beer known he was an Academician's son, he would have been safe.

The story my grandfather told me, going from there to the "magic" which the Academician promised to show Kit alone, was in almost all points identical to the one you possess. There is only one significant difference. To me, my grandfather always named a fifth child with whom they played that day: Gwynneth Hughes. It is perhaps because of the great status of that name that he did not dare tell Dr Ashberry while Hughes still lived.

I remain,
Your faithful servant,
Aileen Oxbow

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