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#197:Murder at the Liars Club

Season:  2
Number:  197
Wave:  1
Color:  black
Suit:  dice suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  1190
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics

There`s been a murder at the Liar`s club, and as interim sheriff, you are called upon to investigate. Members of the Liar`s Club always lie, and there are at least three members, and at least three non-members (who are always truth-tellers), among the seven people involved (the six suspects and the murdered man) . Everyone involved knows ho is a member and who isn`t, and even who the killer is, but no one wants to get involved, for fear of becoming the next victim. Along with the suspects` statements is a written statement from Hart, the murder victim, which he wrote as he was dying. The case is definitely not suicide, and it is up to you to determine, from the seven statements, who is a member and who isn`t, and who the killer is.

Archer: "Davis is a member, and he would agree that Flint would agree that Hart and Edgar are both members."

Brown: "Hart would agree that Clark would agree that Archer and Davis are both non-members."

Clark: "Davis and Brown would agree that Edgar would agree that the murderer is not a member."

Davis: "Hart`s membership status is the same as the murderer`s."

Edger: "Clark would agree that Brown and hart would agree that Flint is a member."

Flint: "Brown would agree that Archer and Clark do not have the same membership status."

Hart: "Archer killed me!"

Half-term report

Kimber Knight

Mr Boreham


Kimber is a very popular girl - too popular for her own good. I'm sure you are aware of her disciplinary record this term and, inevitably, it has had a detrimental effect on her academic performance. She is bright girl and despite a torrent of evidence to the contary, I believe she has a fully functioning moral compass. Alas, it also seems to be a magnet for trouble. We're doing our best to curb her willfulness here at school, and it would be in her best interests if you could reinforce that message during the holidays.

Good Luck!

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