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#193:I'm So Sorry

Season:  2
Number:  193
Wave:  1
Color:  black
Suit:  suits suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  1180
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
Hi there!

I just wanted to send you an email and apologise 8(- I was way out of order before 8[` B)- You know it, I know it. B)` B]- 8]`

the problem is email :)` 8[- well it's me too, but email is a lot of it. 8]` :]` 8[-

Okay I know what you are thinking 8[` 8]` (yep, I'm a mind reader!B0- You think, it's not email it's you B]- B[` :[` B[` Right okay, it;s me 8)- :0` but also it's email, because in email you can't really be sure what anyone means B(` like, how can anyone tell a joke in email? :)` :[- B)` and that means we get into fights B[` B[` yeah fights like this, because who can tell what you mean? 8]` :)- B)-

Anyway, so it was my fault 8[- B[` B)` B)- 8)-

I should have bee more clear :[- and I shouldn't have made all those jokes B)- 8(- I mean, who makes jokes in email :[- In a serious email anyway? 8]` :]- 8[- 8]`

So anyway, it was my fault, and I'm sorry, and can you forgive me now? :)- 8)`

I'll really try to me more clear about what I mean from now on, more sense, less jokes, more smileys? 8]` B]- :]~

B(~ well better smiles anyway B[` 8)-

All forgiven? :]~ B(~ 8(~ 8]~

See ya soon!
=|8P :-C :-$ :-P

I first heard of Mr. Saunion's plight from Sister Golda Flynnt after the sixth day prayer at noon, She knew his family and told me of the terrible accident he had suffered in Catbite Gorge, and also of his troubled past. I was fascinated by this man and endeavoured to find out more, and talked to his mother, who belongs to out congregation.

Mr. Saunion was staying at Greycastle Hospital in the northwest of the city. I normally do not venture out that far, but his mother asked that I should pray for him, and worried for his spiritual health. "I know that he wouldn't want this, but we must try something. He's been in this... condition for five months now," she told me, in tears.

I found him in bed, being monitored by all kinds of machines and computers. A screen behind him showed waves and lines slowly marching along. Mr. Saunion seemed peaceful enough; he was healthy and clean, and anyone coming across him would think that he was merely taking a nap. As I knelt beside him on the floor, I began whispering a prayer of recovery, drawing from the teachings of the monuments at Rhat-Mamar.

At that moment, I heard a buzzing. I looked up and saw the screen was full of discordant waves, flashing red with warning. There was a movement beside me, and Mr. Saunion opened his eyes.

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