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#162:Melting Pot

Season:  2
Number:  162
Wave:  1
Color:  purple
Suit:  suits suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  1000
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
Each of these pictures represents a number in a foreign language. Which is the odd number out?

Grief is a debilitating affliction. It causes the most rational mind to ignore science truth, instead succumbing to the temptations of hope and speculation. It enslaves the mind to the heart.

Alas, our world does not always offer the succour called for by the grief-stricken and the care-worn, indeed, there are persons who prey upon the weakness of the bereaved, exacerbate their condition and exploit them for monetary gain.

I have met such individuals, Charlatans, fraudsters, confidence tricksters. The authorities may tolerate their immoral practices, but I do not. They are thieves, but, unlike the Apple Thief, whose name I hear so often as a witness to their honesty, they are not bringers of justice. The honest need fear not me. Others, beware.

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