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#151:"I'll Get You"

Season:  2
Number:  151
Wave:  2
Color:  blue
Suit:  unknown suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  870
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
Several Earth video games are starting to make
their way into Perplex City, with many titles selling out
in hours. Can you identify the popular games these
quotes are from?

1. Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle!
2."She smiled till the end"
3. 'Hey, listen
4. All your base are belong to us
5. 'Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!' (space invader suit)

I've been to Govenor Bayes' office before. It's always the same. He asks me about
some puzzle in The Sentinel, we drink tea, I say what he can do for me and then he
says yes.

"No Tristan. Not Applebaum. The policy is clear"

"He's a highly respected author. The complexity of his structure, the subtlety of his
characterisation - the inmates can only benefit from reading his work."

"Skip Applebaum is a degenerate! I will [i]not[i] have his mutinous filth in my institution. I
know precisely what kind of influence those books would have an and I don't need a riot.
My job here is to enforce a moral standard, and Applebaum falls far short of it. You
have your answer, Tristan. I won't be contradicted. Back to your block"

He didn't even let me finish my tea. I wasn't taking the flak for this.

I know how to talk my way out of a corner - which is where I found myself when Al
heard about the Applebaum verdict. I needed my subtlest powers of rhetoric and

"Don't hurt me!"

"I want that book."

"Agh - for Gyvann's sake, Al! Bayes thinks thinks it would cause trouble. he'll only give you
the book if he sees that not giving it will make things even worse. So give him some
trouble. You're head of the Spatz. Show him who's boss."

Al got a faraway look in his eye that made me want to be far away. I ducked into my cell.

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