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#134:The Restaurant King

Season:  2
Number:  134
Wave:  1
Color:  blue
Suit:  dice suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  830
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
Corey wanted to take his flatmates Bill and Rob out to the best restaurants and bars Manhattan has to offer, all in one evening. He'd picked out the 5 best places, but now needed to work out which order they should visit them in. Corey knew he wanted to start at Ace Bar and end up back there at the end of the night, and he also wanted to make sure they spent their money at the restaurants, not wasting it all on cabs. Over the years he'd learnt how much it would cost to get a cab from any location to any other. It didn't take him long to figure out the cheapest route for the evening.

Ace Bar - Sparks Steak House - $10.15
Ace Bar - Corner Bistro - $6.95
Ace Bar - Zum Schneider - $1.25
Ace Bar - Lombardi's - $3.30
Sparks Steak House - Corner Bistro - $9.55
Sparks Steak House - Zum Schneider - $10
Sparks Steak House - Lombardi's - $12.40
Corner Bistro - Zum Schneider - $8
Corner Bistro - Lombardi's - $6.05
Zum Schneider - Lombardi's - $4.45


One mile north of the Stone Sleeper Crossroads is the village of Rempstone. In Rempstone, the people like to tell stories about the strange stones that lie at the crossroads. Together, they do look uncannily like a sleeping human being. The people of Rempstone say tat it's the body of a warrior princess, enchanted by an opposing army who, fearful of her skill and command, spelled her into a state of confusion, whereby when she reached the crossroads she didn't know which way to go. She eventually fell into a confused sleep, remaining at the crossroads until she turned to stone.

In Rempstone, they also say that the stone body of the princess contains the spirit of all the wars she ever fought, and that if anything were to happen to the stones, the essence of War itself would escape, explode into the atmosphere, and rain down on the entire world.

The village of Rempstone has also produced more playwrights, dramatists and actors per head than anywhere in the Perplex City region.

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