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#103:Bush Bakery

Season:  2
Number:  103
Wave:  1
Color:  green
Suit:  dice suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  650
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
In anticipation of a hard day's prospecting, Bob is preparing some damper for he and his mates to eat. The damper will take 30 minutes to cook in the campfire's ashes.

Bob doesn't have a watch, but he does have two spare fuses from his explosives. Each fuse takes 40 minutes to burn completely when lit, but neither burns at a constant rate.

How can Bob measure 30 minutes using the fuses?

Sarah Profit, being a little older proved to have amore complete tale. They had played in the snow, she said, and Kit, a lad more accustomed to his studies than to roustabout took more snowballs than he threw. The other lads and lasses teazed him a little for his bookishness. Whereat he, taking offence, declared that the street was but a poor place to play and that he knew a place where the snow would still be fresh and clean, and where no other children would disturb them. By alleys and back ways which I have shewn him, he took them to one of the small gardens of the Academy - utterly deserted through the bitter cold - where they had fine japes. At length, though, their boisterousness disturbed a Fellow of the Academy, who burst through one of the great doors - he could not say which one - and shooed them off. At this, Sarah declares, they ran and saw each other no more.

This is all the knowledge I have in this case. Anders Lee agrees with Sarah's story in all details - since they are close neighbours this is no great surprise - and I have never found William Oxbow at all, though I have enquired again and again no family of that name is to be found anywhere in the City.

For many months my wife and I did not cease enquiring, both in the City and the Academy. We came to be notorious for it, and I could no longer bend myself to my studies.

But it was not long after then that the great blight fell upon the City. So many mothers lost their sons, so many fathers their daughters, that it has been impossible to continue to hope for the life of one little boy, lost on a day of snow. Still, though, we hope.

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