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#067:Pick Up Sticks

Season:  2
Number:  067
Wave:  1
Color:  yellow
Suit:  suits suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  460
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
I recently came across the Earth game Pick-Up Sticks. Each set has 30 sticks; 11 yellows, 1 black and equal amounts of red, blue and green. I played first and this is how the game looked after my turn. How many points did I score?

Gather the sticks vertically in one hand that's placed on the table, keeping the black stick to one side to be used as a tool to pick up other sticks. Release quickly to allow the sticks to fall on the table. Player one then picks up sticks one at a time. This continues until they move any other sticks on the table other than the one they are trying to remove. It is then the second player's turn and play continues in exactly the same manner. Keep track of scores referencing the chart below. The winner is the first to reach 500 points.

Blue sticks 50 points
Green sticks 40 points
Red sticks 25 points
Yellow sticks 10 points

The Hand (January 11 - February 10)

You are a dedicated consumer, and though the economy is grateful, you do come off as a bit shallow most of the time. Despite this, you tend to keep a large bevy of casual friends who rely upon your expertise to choose what to wear, what to do, and where to go.

Your need for meaning in your life causes you to look in all of the wrong places. You have a deep-rooted insecurity that others will dislike you if you were to drop your forced jocularity and have a quiet few nights in; and you are not far from the mark in this.

Apple-Thieves seem to understand you with cutting accuracy, but this is not comfortable for a long-term commitment. Just stay friends. You will do much better with a Baby, as you are equally selfish.

You do best in fields where flash is more important than substance, such as entertainment or accounting.

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