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#065:Who Are You

Season:  2
Number:  065
Wave:  1
Color:  yellow
Suit:  suits suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  460
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics

Each phrase is an anagram which takes its letters from the names of two charcters in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

A Chief Hastens Crqoquet Here.
"No! Peachy Girl."
Harsh Deuces Charm.
Go So Ruled; "Eat Me"
Dr. Tom: Locked Out!
'T Has the Tag "For A., Drink Me"
Bribe All With Price: A Tart.

Name all the characters.

The Maze (November 11 - December 10)

You are a very complicated individual, existing on several mental planes at once, and it is very difficult for you to reveal your true self to anyone. As a result, it is hard for you to form meaning ful relationships with other people, preferring instead to keep to yourself. Once you have become close to someone, the bond tends to last until the grave; nonetheless, many Mazes go to the grave without ever forming as true attachment to another person.

Mazes often have difficulty focusing on events around them, because you are running too many thoughts in parallel. This makes you look like a complete lunatic to pretty much everyone else. All Mazes require a place or activity for a safe retreat during times of stress and must vigilantly defend it from invasion.

You should avoid relationships with Dice and Hands. Your ideal life partner would be another Maze or a Wave, whose serenity will help to calm your mental turmoil.

Careers in which you are happiest are those where you can exercise your formidable mental acuity in solitude. Mazes make legendary mathematicians, security engineers, and bureaucrats.

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