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13th labour badge

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Season:  2
Number:  044
Wave:  1
Color:  orange
Suit:  crosses suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  300
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  unknown reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
Whilst the city celebrated, Opochtli wandered out alone to the surrounding mountains. Looking for a place to rest, he spied a cave at the base of the tallest mountain. Entering he found the walls were carved with intricate symbols and emblems. He recognised several of them: this was a dedication to the goddess of hearth fires and volcanoes, but he could not remember her name.

To whom are the carvings dedicated?
Point value is 220 not 300

Choose your Misadventure

Perplex City is in danger! Over the past few days, everyone who has entered the Mimasan Maze has disappeared. You are young, intelligent and ready for action, as long as it doesn't involve zombies... or lemons. They always give you the willies. At the deserted maze's entrance, your first choice presents itself: will you take the tunnel route (Chapter I), head up the ladder (Chapter XIV), or go down the eerily dark slide (Chapter IV)?

XX Feeling like an action hero, you jump towards the chandelier, just managing to grasp it with your fingertips. Dangling precariously, you swing and launch your body forwards hoping you'll make it over the snakes. You do! Well done. Looking back your face falls as you see that you managed to drop your key in the middle of the snakes. Will you try and get it back by pretending to be a snake and slithering across the floor (Chapter VIII)? Or were you never that fond of your key anyhow and so choose to take the exit ([b]Chapter X)?

XXI You put on the jester's costume and make your way through the door into the gigantic chamber. You fit right in here, with hundreds of other people also wearing the same outfit. Scattered around the room, groups are trying to form human pyramids while doing the hand jive. They aren't doing very well, and each time someone falls, another jester tries to climb up to their position. A terrifying monster sits on a throne in the middle, grinning wildly every time someone falls down. You need to find some way of stopping this. Do you try and talk the monster round (Chapter IX) or free the people yourself by removing the source of the spell, their jester's hats (Chapter III)?

XXII You shout the phrase with an overly extravagant hand gesture and your snakes slither off in the direction of the monster. It gurgles with fear as they approach, and you think to yourself what a genius you are, doing none of the dirty work and beating this beast. Of course, you think this too soon. As the snakes reach the monster, they clamber up his body and (with their newfound love of bipeds), squeeze him affectionately. The monster then picks you up and plucks off your limbs to feed to his new pets. It only hurts until you die.

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