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#042:Patterns of Light

Season:  2
Number:  042
Wave:  1
Color:  orange
Suit:  crosses suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  300
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  unknown reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
What shape comes next in the sequence?

A Dodecagon
B Triskaidecagon
C Tetradecagon
D Pentadecagon
Point value is 220 not 300

Choose your Misadventure

Perplex City is in danger! Over the past few days, everyone who has entered the Mimasan Maze has disappeared. You are young, intelligent and ready for action, as long as it doesn't involve zombies... or lemons. They always give you the willies. At the deserted maze's entrance, your first choice presents itself: will you take the tunnel route (Chapter I), head up the ladder (Chapter XIV), or go down the eerily dark slide (Chapter IV)?

XIV Ladders are fun. Up, down, it's a world of thrills. Well, it turns out they're only fun if, once you've climbed down them, you don't find yourself in a room full of snakes. The hissy creatures seem to be circling some sort of black hole. The room isn't that big and the exit is just a short distance away (past a pile of snakes). It's your choice: will you attempt to jump to the chandelier and swing yourself over the snakes (Chapter XX), charm the snakes with your dulcet tones (Chapter XXIII) or jump into the suspiscious black hole (Chapter VII)?

XV Having a great time and almost forgetting why you're ther, you bound across the letters giggling like a ninny. On completing the phrase, you head towards the door and watch as a portcullis slides in front of the exit. Two other pieces of the checkerboard slide away to reveal other ways out. In front of one lies a jester's outfit and the door is emblazoned with a crudely drawn jester and the text "JEZTERS ONLY". The other exit is marked with a big red cross. Looks ominous. Will you take the jester's door (Chapter XXI) or the other (Chapter XVIII)?

XVI You wander through the swinging door into a huge chamber (of doom, probably), carrying the bowl. A horrifying sight stands before you! Hundreds of people bob to and fro doing some sort of merry jig, all dressed as jesters. On a throne in the centre sits an oversized monster, cackling loudly, his deep guffaws reverberating off the walls. He spots you and booms: "?YHW ERA UOY TON GNICNAD !ENOYREVE TSUM EB YPPAH" and then bursts into tears, ignoring his scrambled eggs. Do you try to comfort the big wimp (Chapter IX) or take your chance to kick him when he's down (Chapter XIX)?

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