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#039:Clash of the Titans

Season:  2
Number:  039
Wave:  1
Color:  orange
Suit:  dice suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  290
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  unknown reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
Can you match up the words to create 6 American Football teams?



The Academy keeps records of all the games played in their All-Schools Scholarship tournament. Before my match against Sekani, I reviewed his playing style. It was conservative, in the strictest sense. He'd memorised all of the classic opening moves of Twin-Wheel, Counterpoint, Chess and Yumisk, and applied them with a formulaic efficiency against any obstacles he encountered. I couldn't see any imagination or personality in his games. An idiot savant, I uncharitably concluded.

Still, I had to be careful. This was the round which determined who received scholarships; if I won, I'd be guaranteed a place and my remaining matches would merely be for scorekeeping purposes. If I lost, no-one would remember me.

I lost the toss, so I moved first - in Twin-Wheel, the first-mover has the disadvantage. I opened agressively, and waited for his response - no doubt the Anjsbourg Defence.

Sekani passed.

I leaned back, unsettled. Sekani looked perfectly bored, and continued to do so as I moved and he passed once again. When my pieces swept around to meet his, he finally responded, mounting a counterattack that frightened me with its ferocity. If he hadn't passed twice, he would've certainly won. As it was, the match went on for three hours as I struggled to keep him under control.

After I took his final piece and secured myself a scholarship, I stood up to shake his hand. He smiled for the first time, and leaned to whisper in my ear, "Sun-Tze, chapter three, seventeen, one."

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