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#038:Snakes and Ladders

Season:  2
Number:  038
Wave:  1
Color:  orange
Suit:  dice suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  290
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
In the game shown above the dice represent the throws during the game. Each player moves forward the number of squares stated on the relevant dice colour. If you land on the top of a snake or the bottom of a ladder you must journey to the other end immediately. If, however you land on another player then you take their square and they have to return to the start. It is then the turn of the next player. To reach the finish you must land on the 25th square exactly.

Which colour won?

The Maraboria caves are 250 miles south west of Perplex City, an area that is mostly desert and scrub with alittle farmable land. The town of Maraboria grew up around this more fertile land and the caves were discovered by the townspeople around 600BC. The caves consist of over thirty caverns, some relatively small and some the size of ballrooms. The caves are a huge tourist attraction, and their discovery transformed the local economy.

The beautiful caves are perhpas most famous for their unique displays of Cats' Eye Stone, a glorious natural mineral structure which covers the inside of the caverns. The caves are also home to the rare Cat's Eye Stone Moths, who nest in the mineral lattice.

Within the caves are quiet places set aside for contemplation of their beauty and the enigma represented by the moths. The caves have long been a place of meditation and were the favoured site of revered religious scholar Xylon Potts.

The caves are now the primary holy site of Potts' religious sect, commonly known as The Artist Divine. The group sees the almighty as an artist - the creator of exquisite works of art in nature. Potts experienced this revelation while contemplating the mineral lattice produced by the Cats' Eye Stone Moths.

The religion's followers are petitioning the Maraboria Town Council to allow them custody of the caves, where they would creat a temple and prevent non-believers from entering.

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