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#012:The Owl and the Wolf

Season:  2
Number:  012
Wave:  1
Color:  red
Suit:  crosses suit
Corner:   corner
Card's Points:  120
Card Group's Points:  0
Reverse:  special reverse
Playing Card: 
Number Marks: 
Official Statistics
A story tells of an evil magician who was in love with a young girl. the girl, however, had already met her true love and so spurned the attentions of the magician.

In his rage, the magician cursed the couple. The girl would spend the day as a human and the night as an owl whilst her true love would spend the day as a wolf and the night as a human. They could never be together again as boy and girl.

The curse would last until there was a night within a day or until the girl gave herself to the evil magician, sealing the bargain with a kiss.

Save giving in, what would break the curse?

Choose Your Misadventure

Perplex City is in danger! Over the past few days, everyone who has entered the Mimasan Maze has disappeared. You are young, intelligent and ready for action, as long as it doesn't involve zombies... or lemons. They always give you the willies. At the deserted maze's entrance, your first choice presents itself: will you take the tunnel route (Chapter 1), head up the ladder (Chapter XIV), or go down the eerily dark slide (Chapter IV)?


You jump into the impossibly dark hole, and fall down and down. The wind rushes through your hair, ruining your carefully styled strands. After about ten seconds of freefalling, you realise that you're either going to go splat sometime soon or this hole is never-ending. You attempt to swim through the air to find one of the walls in the darkness. As you drift closer to a wall, you can just about make out a button in front of you and a round, person-sized hole. But they aren't moving. Shouldn't you be flying past them at speed, or are they falling too? How confusing. Should you hit the button (Chapter XI) or try and clamber through the hole (Chapter X)?


Surprisingly, sliding like a slithering snake is somewhat successful, if rather slimy. The snakes part to allow you to pass and seem to have respect for a 'snake' as large as you. When you crawl towards the doos, they remain watching you, as if hypnotised. When you stand up near the exit, the snakes mimic your movement and rear up as one. You lean left, they lean left. You lean right, the... well, you get it. Maybe these snakes could help you... or maybe they could be waiting for the right moment to attack. Do you allow the snakes to follow you through the door (Chapter XII), or shut it after you, trapping them in (Chapter XXIV)?


Being a kind person, you tell the monster "I am happy. Everyone is happy. Dancing isn't the key to happines. You need to stop trying to change people and let them live their own lives." He stops wailing and sniffles ".ER'UOY THGIR .KNAHT UOY ELTTIL TELGIP". He lifts you off your feet, wipes his eyes with you and places you in his mouth, crunching your bones slowly. And, with a poof, he is gone. And so are you. Oh well, you saved the world. You just couldn't save yourself.

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